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How to use hamburger paper:

Burger Paper

How to use hamburger paper: 1. First, lay the front of the hamburger paper, that is, the smooth side, on the table, and place the hamburger in the middle of the hamburger paper. 2. Lift the side close to you, take the hamburger bun, cover with cheese, Jinhua ham, red tomato, lettuce, onion, cucumber and … Read more

Innovation and Development of Hamburger and French Fries Packaging

Innovation and Development of Hamburger and French Fries Packaging Since the end of 2020, McDonald’s has quietly upgraded its packaging design, which has been promoted in Australia and New Zealand. This new packaging system is planned to be applied to the brand’s stores around the world this year. Compared with the red and yellow color … Read more

New design for McDonald’s hamburger box

boat shaped fast food tray

Designer Robert Bye’s packaging allows burgers, fries, and beverages to be packed into one outer box, while saving on wrapping paper and tote bags. The outer box, when unfolded, consists of two uncapped boxes and an elongated long cardboard with a round hole. The top box is for french fries, the long cardboard with round … Read more

Disposable hamburger box packaging manufacturers

Custom Burger Packaging Boxes

Disposable hamburger box packaging manufacturers Disposable hamburger box packaging manufacturers, food packaging is an integral part of food commodities. Food packaging and food packaging boxes protect food and prevent the damage of biological, chemical and physical external factors during the circulation of food from customers to consumers. It can also have the function of maintaining … Read more

What is the paper used to wrap the hamburger?

As long as it is the paper that wraps the hamburger, it can be collectively referred to as the hamburger paper. Different uses, the designed size, including the thickness of the paper bag paper, have many requirements. Therefore, it should be customized according to the actual situation to achieve the purpose of getting twice the … Read more

What You Know About Cake Packaging Boxes And What You Don’t Know About Cake Packaging Boxes.

Cakes are in high demand in the market because they are widely used in birthday parties, weddings, family events and in-house parties. The custom cake packaging boxes provide the perfect package for the cake, adding elegance to it. These boxes come in different sizes, designs, and shapes to suit the bakery’s decorative needs. The custom cake … Read more

Custom Kraft Cake Boxes Baking Boxes Packaging

cupcake box with window

As Kraft baking boxes are made from recycled Kraft paper material, which cost fewer trees and better for our earth, also the warm-looking brown Kraft paper cake boxes give a more organic presentation than conventional white virgin paper made bakery boxes. Kraft bakery boxes including Kraft cake boxes, Kraft cake slice boxes, Kraft cupcake boxes, Kraft pie … Read more

Custom Bakery Boxes

Custom Bakery Boxes As a baker, your most prized creations are the baked goods that you yourself create. From cupcakes to wedding cakes, and everything in-between, these baked goods are both tasty, and aesthetically pleasing. What all bakers need to complement their creations, are custom bakery boxes for their tasty treats. At HuaCang Packaging we … Read more

Cake Boxes and Bakery Boxes –

cake box packaging

The word cake makes a mouth watery because it is one of the yummiest desserts available in the baking industry. In order to preserve the taste and freshness of cake products, we provide Custom Cake Boxes for all the retailers out there in market. You’ll find the best cake packaging boxes here at the most affordable rates … Read more

Pizza is the yummiest snack that all ages crave

pizza box

Have you ever thought about just selling a slice of pizza to customers? Definitely, a Yes! But have you ever thought how would you pack the slice of pizza for customer’s convenience? It’s a click, right? So, the answer is the HuaCang printer platform. They help in supplying all types of custom pizza boxes design … Read more

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