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Guangzhou Hua Cang Paper & Plastic Co.,is located in the eastern part of Guangzhou. We are mainly engaged in the processing of food packaging paper and paper products. The main products are oven paper, parchment paper, grease-proof paper, silicone paper, burger paper, wax paper, grease-proof paper bag, food wrapping paper, sandwich wrapping paper, cake cup, paper straws, paper cups, food packaging boxes, disposable napkins, disposable environmentally friendly tableware, etc. The company has advanced printing equipment and an excellent team of 150 professionals and more than 200 skilled workers.

About us

 We equip the factory with advanced presses to ensure high quality printing services, We provide design, samples and production to our customers with quality service. All of this makes us competitive to meet the requirements of different customers.

Limited is located in guangzhou China and begin food packaging business in 1998, following the principle of Better Credit,Better Quality and Better Service.We were awarded ISO9001:2000 Quality Assurance Certificate in 2002. Our management system also enables us to print for any patented brands.Occupying 5,000sq.ft. with 200 workers and staff members, All that we are doing is to serve you better.Your satisfaction is our final goal.Look forward to cooperating with you

Efficient Plant & Machinery

We have a positive and enthusiastic sales team, they have received the professional knowledge training of our products, in order to serve customers according to the best service standards, only give us design and product requirements, customers can get satisfactory products in the required time in the fierce In the market competition, the company always insists: Quality first, customer first, actively broaden the thinking, down-to-earth, and meet customers from all over the world with a professional business attitude. This is the goal we are pursuing. Our goal is to become China’s leading printing and packaging company, we will steadily advance to provide high quality products, reasonable prices and professional services.

Our Team

Most of our sales are 80-90 year generation and we are fully energetic and outgoing.
Every month we hold birthday party and half month hold activities to enhance relationship between colleagues.
We organize various trainings every month to improve team skills and serve our customers better.

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